Your favorite Chicago…

By Amanda on September 27, 2011


Chanced upon this video today made by Refinery29. It’s somewhat similar to a little video project we’re working on right now actually! Despite that this street fashion publication doesn’t originate from Chicago, they’ve known to tap in to that Midwest pride we have for our city.

It’s interesting to me that they also asked visitors to the city about their memories of Chicago. They chose to shoot it at the Bean. Has the Bean, aka “Cloud Gate,” taken the place of the Picasso as our artistic icon of the city? Millennium Park functions in ways that Daley Plaza does not, and vice versa. It’s become a top tourist destination, like that of Navy Pier, also chosen as a shooting location.

Regarding the shooting locations, I think the street sidewalk with the bikes rolling by behind is Milwaukee Ave. So the chosen locations are Navy Pier, Millennium Park, and Wicker Park. Wicker Park has become the number one neighborhood that tourists visit in a trip to Chicago. Perhaps the presence of tourists validates a spot as significant, or do we tell them to go to these places first? Chicken or the egg? Either way, the primary connector between these three is spectacle. We love watching other people. And that’s why this video is great.