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Navigating the Loop in 3-D

Published on December 25, 2010

On our wintertime tour, "The Loop: Explore Without Freezing," we experience the insides of buildings. With this unique perspective of architecture, we engage with intriguing stories of the inner-workings of city life. It's pretty incredible the different worlds we step into over the short walking course of just half a mile, and we use the Pedway network of underground passages for a small portion of the tour to stay indoors.   Now that Chicago Detours has moved into an office downtown, I have been experiencing this interior world on a daily basis, as a commuter rather than tour guide, and I've discovered how the Pedway contributes to efficient infrastructure. "Infrastructure" can be a boring word, I know - please keep reading as we'll also talk about cookies! The Pedway facilitates a quick commute for me (from the Washington blue line station to my office at 25 E. Washington) in a few ways:

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