Chicago Neighborhoods & Cultural Diversity Bus Tour

Experience the spirit of Chicago's people through the history and architecture of where they've lived, worked and played.

Traverse the Chicago neighborhoods of the South Loop, Bronzeville, Hyde Park, Bridgeport, Chinatown, Pilsen, UIC/Little Italy, and Greektown to grasp the rich social diversity that’s beyond downtown. This thoughtful private neighborhoods tour explores immigration, industrialization, social change, segregation, and community through the varied Asian, European, and African-American communities that call Chicago home. 


You’ll see an incredible mix of art, architecture, and cultures of the South Side on this Chicago neighborhoods tour. The tour group will experience a great range of Chicago architecture. Your private group will see small working class homes, a big Czech social hall, and a tortilla factory. Guests learn how religious buildings like churches and synagogues adapt to their changing communities.

Your group visits one of the most vibrant Chinatowns in America. Then we talk about the importance of Chicago for Mexicans. The stories of Chicago neighborhoods and history will include the Great Migration of African-Americans from the South, and the Chicago blues and jazz music they brought with them.

This private Chicago neighborhoods bus tour are views colorful murals and street art in Pilsen.  We love to tell the fascinating backstories of Chicago fast food history in Bridgeport. And have you ever wondered why some houses in Chicago are “sunken” below street level? We’ve got answers!

Overall, this Chicago neighborhoods tour is like a “People’s History” of Chicago, as much of the city’s history goes beyond the power centered in downtown.


Enrich your group tour experience by adding authentic Southside fare for lunch at a historic hot dog joint. We’ll make it a food tour with locally made soda and fried mushrooms and other veggies. Guests choose between Chicago-style hot dogs and the one-of-a-kind “mother-in-law” sandwich. Vegetarians and vegans are gladly accommodated. Rates are incredibly more economical than a downtown group lunch! Call us at 312.350.1131 for the food upgrade on this neighborhood tour.


Who wants to listen to a volunteer tour docent reciting a bunch of memorized dates and names? Not us! Our expert, highly-trained Chicago tour guides are smart, fun and passionate about Chicago architecture and history. We’ve been sharing stories and places locals don’t know since 2010. And we are proud to be a top-rated Chicago tour company with five-stars on TripAdvisor and Google.

As you look into Chicago private group tour options, this quick guide may help you decide if Chicago Detours is the best tour company for your special event. Please call us at 312.350.1131 to book your private group Chicago neighborhoods tour with us.


2 Hours


No walking


  • Former Chess Studios
  • Lakefront beaches and parks
  • Majestic churches
  • Historic factories
  • Mexican mural art
  • “Sunken” houses
  • Cultural influences on the architecture of homes
  • Small business and industry
  • How and why Chicago neighborhoods change
  • Racial segregation and unity
  • The Great Migration and Chicago blues
  • Studs Terkel’s ideas on diversity

Tour Includes

  • 18- or 39-passenger coach bus for up to 3 hours
  • Engaging tour guide commentary
  • Special gifts

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