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Private Group Tour FAQs

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Why should I bring my team/family/group of friends out with Chicago Detours?

Our Chicago tours are a lot of fun, and perfect for people who want to learn more about the city. A private group tour with Chicago Detours will show you the city’s architecture, history, and culture and give you a fresh, insider’s perspective on exploring Chicago. You’ll have fun, too! Travelers and locals who love to learn enjoy our style of tour. Because our Chicago tours really dig into stories that aren’t commonly known, we work a lot with local groups, such as associations, clubs and corporate groups.

Our passionate, knowledgeable tour guides go beyond trivial facts, like dates, names, or architectural styles. They share new perspectives on the experience of architecture and how architecture can reflect culture and history. And our historical and architectural tours really create a memorable, fun experience with plenty of moments for guests to interact with one another.

Why should I NOT bring my team/family/group of friends out with Chicago Detours?

Our creative and educational style of walking tour or bus tour is not for everybody. If your group prefers a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, checklist style of tour with lots of dates and names and driving by things with barely getting to see them – then Chicago Detours might not be the best fit for your group tour plans.

Our Chicago tours focus on quality, not quantity. Also if your choice of tour company is very much dependent on price rather than quality, you can likely find lower group tour rates in Chicago.

What is the difference between tour docents and the professional tour guides of Chicago Detours?

Docents are volunteer tour guides. Because they are not compensated, quality control is often a challenge for organizations who have tours run by docents. While some docents may be respected experts in architecture or history, others may be a tour guide as just a hobby. Tour guides with Chicago Detours undergo extensive training and possess degrees from respected educational institutions. We compensate our professional tour guides for their expertise, enthusiasm, and professionalism.

What are the rates for private tours?

Minimum rate is $250, and then they go up from there. Please call us at 312.350.1131 to get rates for the tour that you are interested in for your private group outing.

What are the minimum and maximum private tour group sizes?

It depends on if you are doing a Chicago architecture walking tour or historical bus tour. While there is no minimum for how many people can come, there is generally a minimum price based on 9 guests for walking tours and 16 guests for bus tours.

Depending on guide availability, we have accommodated groups as large as 225 guests. In order to do this for either architecture walking tours or historic bus tours, we stagger groups and have multiple tour guides so that everyone can see Chicago architecture and experience its history. See our Large Group Private Tours.

Does Chicago Detours offer evening tours for corporate events or birthday parties?

Yes, our Historic Chicago Bar Tour is an excellent option to start any time between 4:15pm and 8:30pm, and you can integrate it in with dinner for a “dine-around” option. We also have Chicago Blues and Jazz Tours in the evening that can include stops for dinner, drinks, and live Chicago blues music.

We are just two people. Should we do a private tour?

While the rates for our group tours do become more economical with the more people you have, many find the enriching experience of a Small Group Private Tour to be well worth it. For a true insights into Chicago, a tour guide shows you the stories and culture behind the city in a way that is absolutely memorable for even just two people.

Do you do tours for Student Groups?

Absolutely! We offer walking tours and step-on guided tours for student groups.

Do you do tours for Senior Groups?

Absolutely! We work with senior centers, park districts and all kinds of groups for senior group tours of Chicago architecture and history.

Can you do a private group tour for a wedding party?

We have lots of fun options that can work for before, during, and after your wedding day. We are a member of the Green Wedding Alliance.

Do you have tours in other languages?

For private bookings, we have guides that speak English, Italian and Spanish.

How do I book a private group tour with Chicago Detours?

Call us at 312.350.1131. We can check availability, and then we ask for a 50% deposit to secure your date.


Call: 312.350.1131
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