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More Answers for Our Curious Tour Guests!

By Amanda on May 25, 2011


On tours, we try to find out answers to your questions if you happen to stump us!

Loop interior architecture walking tour Chicago Detours Chicago Temple

For the Loop Interior Architecture Walking Tour:

1. What are the speakers on the top of the First United Methodist Church?

Those are for the sound of bells! They ring quarterly from 8am-8pm.

2. Why is there Chinese writing on a stained glass panel inside the church?

Senior Pastor Phil says that the church helped a Chinese student who was not able to go back to China in the 70s, and later the family gave that panel as a gift to the church.

From the Historic Chicago Walking Bar Tour:

3. Is there any connection between the Shriners and the University of Chicago?

Well, I haven’t been able to uncover any connection to the Shriners, I have found some connection to the masons. Since the Shriners were open to anyone, the University probably would have stayed with more exclusive clubs that were invite-only. Some info here.

4. What do you call the kind of bricks on the 19th-century mansion inside Lawry’s?

Since these were from Belgium they are simply called Belgian masonry, though in the native language they probably have a more specific name. I’ll let you know if I can uncover any other terms!

More soon!

–Amanda Scotese, Founder of Chicago Detours


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