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Fun and Free Chicago History Talks in Logan Square

Chicago Detours tour guides will share stories even locals don’t know as guest speakers at free Chicago history talks at the Comfort Society in Logan Square.

These free Chicago history talks will cover anything from the useful to the unexpected in Chicago architecture and history. The Chicago Detours style will not make you yawn! Our top-notch tour guides have lively presentations with visuals of archival photos and ephemera. Join us on these select Sundays this summer and fall, from 1:00pm-2:00pm.

Our historic talks are part of Comfort Society, which hosts weekly talks, workshops and discussions at the Logan Square Comfort Station. It’s a perfect Sunday activity to do in Chicago with a visit to the Logan Square Farmers Market!

Chicago Detours tour guides will be the featured speakers on these dates:

“From Street Brawls to the World Series: Chicago Sports History”

Sunday, July 21, 1pm – Chicago Detours Tour Guide Marie Rowley speaks.

Chicago may be the city that works but it knows how to cut loose and have a little fun too. This one-hour talk explores all the ways Chicagoans have enjoyed sports and leisure, from the bloody bare-knuckle brawls of the nineteenth-century to the dizzying heights of the Cubs’ recent World Series victory. Learn about sports teams’ early use of live mascots, who sometimes got loose and bit players, and discover the forgotten local team the Chicago Whales.

“Understanding Everyday Landscape and Architecture in Chicago Neighborhoods”

Sunday, August 25, 1pm – Amanda Scotese, Chicago Detours Executive Director speaks.

Even the most mundane elements of our landscape have a message to tell us about the ways we live. This fascinating talk will cover the habitat of rats to the expression imbued in lawn ornaments to gardens and gangways or the layout of our homes. By discussing “vernacular architecture,” it means we’ll talk about the buildings that we regular people use, not just the spectacular ones of the rich and famous. We’ll cover architecture that is unique to Chicago, like two-flats and Chicago bungalows, and other Chicago landscape features like alleys.

“Chicago Prohibition History”

Sunday, October 6, 1pm – Chicago Detours Tour Guide Marie Rowley speaks.

When the Volstead Act took effect in 1920, Chicago became a battleground between gangsters fighting for turf in the black market for hooch. This free Chicago history talk digs into why Chicago had so much tension during Prohibition and what its lasting impact was for the city. Go beyond the headline-grabbing gang wars to dig into how everyday Chicagoans experienced Prohibition.

These free Chicago history talks do not require reservations, but space is limited.


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