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Free Architecture Tours for Chicago Students


Architecture Tours For CPS Student Groups

As a socially responsible tour company, Chicago Detours is committed to giving everyone the opportunity to engage with the city in new ways. For the first two years of business, we collected contributions in lieu of tips at the end of tours to support the sharing of a special student version of the “Loop Interior Architecture Tour” with local high school students. We give free architecture tours specifically to field trip groups from Chicago Public Schools or non-profit organizations located within city limits.
While we have changed our contribution system on tours to support our Community Gifts Program, we will continue to offer the “Loop Interior Architecture Tour” to CPS school groups until these funds have been depleted.


Why Do These Students Need An Interior Architecture Tour?

  • To have fun.
  • To walk in downtown Chicago spaces they would likely not ever enter.
  • To awaken observation of their surroundings of architecture and history.
  • To spark curiosity for further exploration of the city.
  • To introduce the idea of the political and social forces that shape the spaces we walk through.
  • To promote critical, independent thinking of the events, people and movements that have shaped the history of Chicago.

Chicago Detours’ student tours bring together digital media, the urban landscape, and stories of history to capture students’ imaginations and inspire engagement with their surroundings.

Book A Student Tour With Us

We welcome five groups per year from Chicago high schools and non-profit educational programs within city limits to experience the “Loop Interior Architecture Tour “ at no cost. This is a walking tour in downtown Chicago.

  • Groups of 12-36 students.
  • Maximum 18 students per tour guide.
  • Please read details of the Loop Interior Architecture Walking Tour.
  • Groups stay primarily indoors, but please make sure students are dressed appropriately.


This giving program is supported by gifts from guests on our public architecture walking tours when Chicago Detours was just starting up a few years ago.
To be considered for this free walking tour of downtown Chicago, your high school student group must

  • Come from a public, charter, or alternative high school or non-profit extracurricular program within Chicago city limits.
  • Be able to provide your own bus or public transport for students to and from the walking tour.


Call: 312.350.1131
E-Mail: [email protected]