Third-off Jazz, Blues & Beyond Tour Tickets

By Amanda on July 19, 2011


We are offering a third off tour tickets THIS WEEKEND ONLY for our multimedia tour by bus, entitled “Our Chicago Sound: Jazz, Blues & Beyond.” The deal celebrates the magic of three: jazz trios, thirds in blues, and the fact that this is the new tour company’s third tour we have created for the public (#1 was Good Times, #2 was Inside the Loop). Reserve with code THIRDOFF. Spots left for 10am.

Featured on WGN evening news, the two-and-a-half-hour event redefines the concept of the “tour” with an interactive dynamic, a one-on-one with a local musician, and glimpses at sites typical tourists never see. Video screens on the bus illuminate the past while the guide delves into the people, politics and culture that have made Chicago a hotbed for musical innovation. Guests get to make music of their own with a harmonica demo, stop for a red velvet cookie break, and they get an up-close look at relics of a former 1920’s jazz club where Louis Armstrong and Earl Hines once played. It’s an architectural tour and a historical tour of Chicago that really delves into music history.