Our map of the Chicago Pedway…

  • Is the most-up-to-date map of the Pedway System.

  • Helps you tour the underground passages on your own. No tour guide needed!

  • Shares open hours of the Pedway and tips on navigating Chicago from underground.

  • For a guided tour of the heated passages of the Pedway in winter, join us on our Loop Interior Architecture Tour.



What is the Pedway?

The Chicago Pedway System connects buildings in downtown Chicago via ground-level walkways, “skybridges,” and underground passages. Most of the Pedway System is underground, and the climate controlled passages make for a comfortable way of navigating the city during the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer.

Why Tour the Pedway with Us?

Our Loop Interior Architecture Walking Tour gives a good introduction to the system and how to use it.

Visit beautiful interior spaces beyond the Pedway, such as magnificent lobbies and a church in a skyscraper.

Receive a professionally printed copy of this map as a gift.


Why Use the Pedway?

  • Avoid the elements on a snowy, rainy or hot day
  • It’s interesting to navigate downtown Chicago like you’re in a human maze
  • Explore various styles of architecture from below


The old underground freight train tunnels are a different thing in case you were wondering.


Historical Architectural Detail

We hope this Pedway Map contributes to having a lovely experience in downtown Chicago architecture, whether you live in the Loop, work in the Loop or are just visiting Chicago.