Step into stunning architecture, visit historic bars, and venture to new neighborhoods.

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Our highly trained, professional guides are the best in the city. Tours have a fun, educational dynamic.

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Engage with archival photos and videos, urban space, and other people on a social and active exploration.

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Our Chicago tours are not your grandma’s kind of architecture tour!

Our walking tours and bus tours of Chicago history and culture will give you fresh, insider perspectives on exploring Chicago. Our passionate, knowledgeable tour guides go beyond trivial facts, like dates or names of people or architectural styles. They really get you to think in new ways about how we relate to cities, space, and buildings. Our Chicago architecture tours share concepts of how architecture effects us psychologically and we also take moments to simply indulge in the visual experience of architecture.

Our Chicago architecture tours are not just architecture. Because of the cultural angle of our architecture walking tours and bus tours, they are great for anyone from architecture experts to those new to Chicago architecture. Our Chicago tours highlight public art, urban design, and cultural history alongside stories of the city. All our tours use architecture to tell stories that reflect the human side of Chicago history. You will explore, learn and interact with multimedia, each other, and the city around us. Chicago architecture, history and culture intrinsically connect on our walking tours and bus tours of Chicago.

“We work with private groups, student groups and we also offer walking tours to the public six days a week. We hope you will join us on a Chicago architecture tour for an unforgettable cultural experience.”